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      Welcome to the Sino-British College, USST

      The Sino-British College, USST (SBC) is an international university college established as a Joint Venture (JV) by the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) and nine partner universities of the Northern Consortium UK (NCUK), i.e. University of Bradford; University of Huddersfield; University of Leeds; Leeds Beckett University; Liverpool John Moores University; Manchester Metropolitan University; University of Salford; The University of Sheffield; Sheffield Hallam University.

      SBC was established in September 2006 following approval by the Chinese Ministry of Education. As a higher education institution and JV, it is unique in two respects. First, it is the only such JV involving British universities approved to operate in Shanghai. Second, it offers approved pathways to 9 universities, allowing considerable choice, in terms of programmes and number and type of university, for students to continue their studies.

      Vision 2025

      SBC’s vision is to be renowned as an international hub and centre of excellence, attracting students and faculty from all over the world, with a reputation for developing socially responsible and innovative leaders capable of operating in different cultures. i.e. responsible leadership, enterprise and innovation and cultural empathy. >>

      Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

      Becoming a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is consistent with our Vision 2025, in that we will engage with networks, internationally, nationally and locally, in a way that reinforces our strategic positioning and links to the overarching themes for which we wish to be known. The College’s first Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) report can be accessed here. >>

      International Advisory Group (IAG)

      The IAG is established to advise the College Executive on the implementation of, and any subsequent revision to, the College’s Vision 2025 strategic plan and to assist the College achieve and sustain a high profile in key networks. >>