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    4. College Executive 

      The College Executive meet weekly to consider the strategic direction of the College community and ensure the ongoing effective leadership and management of the organisation. All aspects of the College are represented in the Executive, where there exists a wide variety of experience and skills. 

      It meets weekly and is constituted to:

      • Ensure achievement of the College’s strategic plan and associated operational plans.
      • Oversee the running of the College as a whole.
      • Discuss and make decisions on all major academic, administrative, HR and financial issues.
      • Discuss and approve policies, regulations and procedures concerning the management of the College.
      • Respond to recommendations from Schools, Departments and Committees within SBC.
      • Formulate academic and operational plans for the future development of SBC.
      • Respond to discussions and decisions of the SBC Management Council.


      The College Executive Consists of:

      • CAI YonglianVice President (International) USST, Dean of SBC
      • Professor Laura C. BishopPrincipal of SBC
      • LI Yan, Party Secretary of SBC, Deputy Director of Campus Management Committee, Fuxing Road Campus
      • Professor LIU Qin, Vice-Dean of SBC
      • XU LinAssociate Dean of Administration of SBC 


      • CAI YonglianVice President (International) USST, Dean of SBC

      Executive Support:

      Shona Ni

      Executive Assistant to the Principal

      Shona Ni joined SBC in 2010 after graduating from Shanghai International Studies University. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature. She provides administrative support to the Principal and has an aptitude for interpreting and translation.