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    4. Administrative Offices

      The administrative offices at SBC provides a wide range of professional services and support to the academic and external-facing activities. SBC guides students toward academic and moral excellence, prepares them for leadership in all walks of life, and contributes to the endless quest for new insights into the human condition and the natural world.

      Domestic Student Recruitment

      provides professional counselling and admissions services to prospective students from mainland China. It works closely with key high schools and education authorities through collaborative projects in international education for the benefit of students.

      Email: zhaosheng@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      International Affairs

      responsible for recruit and support international students and students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. Other activities which are important for internationalisation of SBC include coordination of Chinese Language and Culture courses and support to the UK partner universities and their International Offices.

      Email: international@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      Public Relations & Marketing

      responsible for ensuring effective internal and external communications and seeks to enhancingthe profile and brand of SBC, regionally, nationally and internationally. It carries the functions of brand management, website development, news release, production of college publications.

      Email: pr-mkt@sbc.usst.edu.cn 

      Overseas Service

      provides study abroad support to SBC students in terms of selecting universities and courses, finding placement, visa application and pre-departure and arrival services.

      Email: Studyabroad@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      Student Support


      is the central unit for managing all kinds of student data, including enrolment and registration status, examination results and other important individual information during students' study with SBC.

      Email: Registry@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      Student Management

      has a student tutors team dedicated to providing students with personal tutoring and pastoral support to facilitate their learning at SBC. It also works as the interface between students and academic and administrative groupings within the College.

      Email: Tutors@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      Careers Service and Development

      has a well-established training system to prepare students for future employment. It develops students’ practical job skills and does so with an international outlook. It has also developed strong links with various companies (corporate partners) offering students opportunities for internships and placements.

      Email: Career@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      IT Services

      provides technical support for the implementation of IT strategies for the development of information systems at SBC. It also oversees and evaluates network and data security to ensure the successful running of IT systems, including teaching resources and administrative activities.

      Email: IT-helpline@sbc.usst.edu.cn


      in charge of management of campus infrastructure, procurement and maintenance of campus facilities, etc.

      Email: Facilities@sbc.usst.edu.cn 

      Library Service

      provides SBC Learning Resources Centre services, etc.

      Email: Library@sbc.usst.edu.cn

      Internal Services(Centre of Resources and Planning)

      Finance & Planning

      is responsible for the effective financial management of SBC and the formulation and implementation of plans relating to all aspects of the College’s activities.

      Human Resources & Compliance

      provides a range of personnel-related support to all academic and administrative staff at SBC. It also oversees procurement activities within the College to ensure the most cost-effective arrangements are in place and compliance with all relevant policies and regulations.