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    4. SBC Principal's Welcome


      Professor Laura C. Bishop


      The Sino-British College, USST

      Welcome to SBC and thank you for choosing to study with us. In doing so, you have not only chosen a key provider of international higher education, located in one of the most exciting cities and countries in the world, but you have also placed yourself at the centre of a prestigious network of universities involved in an innovative and unique Sino-British collaboration.

      Each year the College welcomes around 400 students  attracted by the scope, rigour and relevance of our programmes and the enormous opportunities they offer. Whether you have chosen to follow a degree course in engineering or in business, you will be supported by committed and experienced teaching, research, administrative and technical colleagues. They offer you a breadth of experience and support covering all aspects of the curriculum and the world of work beyond your degree. SBC provides a resource for industry and businesses  regionally, nationally and internationally. Our collaborating institutions, USST in China and 9 UK partner universities in the United Kingdom, are also important resources supporting the educational journey you are beginning now.

      To achieve a degree obviously demands hard work and considerable amounts of your own time. It cannot, and should not, be any other way, but we are here to help. My colleagues and I are committed to ensuring that your association with the College is enjoyable, successful and, I hope, as one of our future alumni, long-standing. I’m sure you will establish many lifelong friendships and future professional contacts.

      In addition to doing all we can to ensure you are successful academically, we will also encourage you to develop particular attributes linked to three overarching themes within the College, i.e. those relating to ‘responsible leadership’ (linked to the fact that SBC is a signatory to the United Nations initiative of Principles for Responsible Management Education), ‘enterprise and innovation’ and, finally, ‘cultural empathy’. These principles are important to each of us as individuals and to society and your mastery of them will also greatly enhance your future employment prospects.

      The College is committed to facilitating and responding to feedback and, to this end, formal mechanisms have been established but please do not hesitate to convey your views directly to me should you wish to do so. 

      As the Principal of SBC, I wish you every success and look forward to beginning our SBC journey together.