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    4. Academic Schools

      School of Business and Management

      Our degree programmes are designed to cater for a wide range of business options and career paths.

      School of Engineering and Computing

      We offer courses that reflect the exciting transformation in manufacturing and hi-tech innovation.

      School of Languages, Education and Cultures

      Our School takes great pride in providing stimulating and fulfilling programmes to help students reach their full potential.

      • SBC encourages the students to foster independence in study.

        Zhang Limai2012 Graduate, Events Management
      • Four years of internationalized education in SBC has laid the foundation for me to start my career in Hong Kong.

        Feng Chuan2011 Graduate, Events Management
      • In Events Management at SBC, students cover a wide range of subjects, all the way from intro to events management through stadium arena management, design and marketing.

        Tony RyanProgramme Leader
      • Working for the School of Engineering at SBC has been incredibly gratifying. Teaching such committed and hardworking students is truly a great pleasure.

        Dr Gareth LewisProgramme Leader - Engineering and Computing