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    4. Introduction


      The SBC International Alumni Association (SBCIAA) serves as a life-long connection between alumni and the SBC College. Since its establishment in 2011, SBCIAA has developed a strong platform for graduates to expand alumni networks, share career experience, update knowledge bases, seek potential business opportunities and push forward their career development. The SBCIAA Alumni Council was established in 2013. Based on its mission and objectives, it consists of a Chief Secretary Office, Communications Department, Careers Development Department and Events Department. The Alumni Council, to a large degree, promotes interaction and communication between fellow alumni, alumni and the college, between the college and corporations. In the same year, SBCIAA launched its Overseas Alumni Ambassador Programme. This enables prospective SBC students studying abroad to acquire information about UK culture, academic resources, local life and career services in advance.

      SBCIAA also applies Information and Communication Technology to the integration of resources and offers full services for its alumni. Various online platforms (an official website, a WeChat and Weibo) have become an important part of this.

      Our Mission

      We are committed to your career development and beyond….

      Our Objectives

      (1) To spur on graduates’ career development:

      ? Professional advice to help with career decisions

      ? Information on job opportunities and career development

      ? CV & Interviews, workplace psychology counselling

      (2) To create a networking platform for graduates to keep in touch with fellow students and SBC:

      ? An on-line communication channel between students in the UK & Shanghai

      ? A platform for interaction and access to current industry and market information

      ? We support homecomings, cultural exchange salon and other reunions

      (3) To provide ongoing support and services:

      ? Developing informational materials, training, and resources on further education

      ? Providing information on overseas study and life experience

      ? Issuing degree transcripts, certificates and general queries