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    4. Latest News

      SBC Student Won First Prize in the Final of 10th National College Student Mathematics Competition

      SBC Student Won First Prize in the Final of 10th National College Student Mathematics Competition


      The probability of winning first prize in the 10th National College Student Mathematics Final Competition is 0.056%. Breaking through the 140 thousand "mathematical masters", QIU Yilin, a Year 2 Electrical and Electronic Engineering student from SBC, did just that.

      Nearly 140,000 students from 784 colleges and universities in China participated in the competition. QIU Yilin is the only student not majoring in mathematics representing the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.  This is also the best ever result in a national mathematics competition for an SBC student!

      The National College Student Mathematics Competition is the highest level mathematics competition in China and was hosted by the Chinese Mathematical Society. It is designed to provide a platform for young students to demonstrate their mathematics knowledge and skills. SBC was very engaged with this competition and mobilized students to actively participate in it, with support both from the Academic Office and the College of Science of USST. The instructor team from team College of Science prepared two months of training for participants in their spare time.

      Equipped with high-quality teachers, SBC always encourages students to participate in innovative activities and professional competitions. The college also uses this as an opportunity to speed up the cultivation of internationalized innovative talents and to deepen academic exchange in cooperative education.

      QIU Yilin said, “We need to stay calm and try our best when facing such a high-level mathematics competition.” He recommended students to search for E-learning platform resources and online open classes to help improve mathematics skills in their spare time. QIU Yilin also thanked his teachers and fellow students from both USST and SBC for their great support.