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    4. Latest News

      SBC lecturer Dr Ijeoma Okpanum honored with "Inspirational Teaching Award" from Sheffield Hallam University

      SBC lecturer Dr Ijeoma Okpanum honored with "Inspirational Teaching Award" from Sheffield Hallam University


      We are delighted to report that Dr Ijeoma Okpanum of SBC’s School of Business and Management has been chosen as the winner of  an Inspirational Teaching Award (Overseas Partner) in Sheffield Hallam University's Inspirational Teaching Awards for 2019.

      Sheffield Hallam University established the “Inspirational Teaching Award” to encourage and reward outstanding teaching staff, promote excellence in teaching, keep the public concerned about the excellence of school teaching, and improve the quality of teaching in higher education in the UK. The award scheme has been successfully operated for eight years in recognition of the best student satisfaction among the overseas partners of Sheffield Hallam University. Other SBC staff nominated for this award were Lee Henderson, Senior Lecturer, Andy Ritchie, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer, and Tony Ryan, Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer, all from SBC’s School of Business and Management.

      As one of SBC’s nine UK partner universities, Sheffield Hallam University has been committed to cultivating teachers’ critical thinking and students’ creative ability. Further in-depth cooperation between SHU and SBC strengthens teachers' teaching ability and realizes teachers' personal value.

      A Year 2 Business Management student said “In Dr. Ijeoma Okpanum's class, I can feel a special and unique charm, which is immersive. She has always guided us to think about problems from multiple angles, giving us enough space to freely imagine. She also encourages us to ask and debate in the classroom.”

      Dr Okpanum said: “I want to express my sincere appreciation to Sheffield Hallam University for recognizing me with the Overseas Partner Inspirational Teaching Award. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received for my work. Winning this award wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my colleagues and our students here in SBC. I promise to continue to support our students to the best of my ability.”