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    4. T1 Programme Introduction

       Apply online 

      The Sino-British College (SBC) introduced undergraduate courses and the Business Management degree of the University of Sheffield in August, 2010 with the approval from the Chinese Ministry of Education. The course provides a wide range of learning opportunities for Chinese students eager to receive top-quality international education at world-class universities. 

      SBC currently offers Chinese Ministry of Education approved UK Bachelor Degrees with certificates identical to those awarded to students in the UK.  Degree programmes are offered to students in the following course categories: Business Administration, Events Management, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. 

      Students should meet all the following requirements to be qualified for entry.

      1. Complete the high-school education with a local Tier-1 score in Gaokao (subject to scores released by local education & examination authorities).
      2. Participate in the SBC English entrance exam. This exam will include written test and interview in one day. The student should achieve a score of 60 points or higher in the exam.

      Degree Subject

      This programme is run as a four-year, full-time degree programme. After two years’ study in SBC, students can choose to study at the University of Sheffield in UK for one or two years.

      Split Degree (2+2/2+1+1/4+0)